Campus Management Solution

Campus management software is a tool that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of educational institutions. It consists of various modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information. An efficient campus management system acts as a unifier for the different departments/functions and can be accessed from any location. Web-based campus management software is the best way to manage a campus in a productive, systematic and organized manner.

Features :

Student Management: Campus management software keeps track of the student’s entire registration process. Users can easily add, modify, and view modules which give them complete information of a student’s admission process.

Academic Management: Academic management software keeps a complete record of student history. Management can track the progress chart of students and view marks, thereby getting to know the knowledge level of learners.

Inventory Management: This module facilitates a campus to maintain and check the stock levels of critical items. Users can store purchase details, determine the stock level and get to know when to purchase new inventory.

Fee Management: Management of fees is a critical task for any campus – this module maintains a complete track record of the number of fees paid off the entire student base.

Library Management: This module undertakes the complete management of campus libraries. It keeps a record of the number of books, issue date, return date and purchase requirements of books.

Report Management: This module allows users to generate advanced analytical reports which can help in making better decisions and supply to the specific needs of the academic institution.

Payroll Management: This module helps in maintaining the payroll records for all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the campus.

Notifications and Alerts: Students, teaching staff and management get timely notifications and alerts regarding important campus events and activities through this module.

Timetable Management: Managing a campus timetable is a complex task – this module helps in setting and maintaining the timetable according to the academic regulations.

Hostel Management: This module manages all the activities of students residing in campus hostels such as room allocation, stock of hostel items and supplies.

Attendance Management: Keeping an updated record of all student’s attendance is an important function of campuss – this module tracks student attendance and keeps a list of students coming under specific attendance requirements.

Human Resource: This module handles human resource related data sources such as payroll of teachers, statutory compliances, and leave management of the staff.

Online Examination Record: This module facilitates students and staff to view test scores and marks of students online to keep a detailed track of their progress in campus examinations.